Sunday, January 31, 2016

East End Market X Alessandra Laura

Alessandra, with two S's. I get my name butchered, misspelled and taking on a different spelling daily. It is a little fun, its like trying to see how many different ways you can spell my name. Oh yea and I almost forgot, Im also a tad bit short, just a tad, LOL. Therefore, you will see me wearing heels daily. Stopped for a mini photo shoot after my coffee date with sisters.  Check this website out for cute and comfortable shoes for a fraction of the price. (

On Sundays we go to the Market. Here you will find all things cute, unique, and things you cannot find at your local store. Loved the experience. Check out the East End Market on Navigation every Sunday. (Houston, TX)

Jeans ( // Top (
and they just opened one even closer to me.

Loving your top bun and all black attire sissy! Besos

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

City Streets

You are beautiful inside and out. 
I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot of these lovely ladies. I have fallen in love with photography and sometimes we need a reminder of the beauty that lies in us. So, I picked a wall and shot away at these dolls. Oh, and I snuck into some of the shots as well. ENJOY!


These ladies started off a little shy at first, but after about 5 minutes, they became in love with the camera.

Choosing a location for a photo shoot is my favorite thing. I tend to look for things that inspire me. As I drive through the city, I look for great and unique backdrops that would make for the perfect picture. Today, we came to a small street near Washington street in Houston. I had noticed a plain white wall ( I love white backdrops) and thought it would be perfect. Make the city your runway. 

Great friends, different styles, all beautiful

Behind the Scenes