Monday, February 8, 2016

Tuesday Talk: 4 Fav Coffee Shops

Tuesday Talk - when 140 characters are not enough and a single photo post doesn't speak a thousand words......

I think it is pretty obvious that I freaking love coffee, so I thought I would share some of my favorites around town. While some were introduced to me by friends, others were just stumbled upon. Either way, I instantly fell in love. While there are so many coffee shops in Houston, these are just some of my favorites; the ones I go to more frequently. Coffee is great, and for instagram purposes, better! Coffee=best-friend. May your Mondays be faster and your Sundays well spent. 

1. Tout Suite
2001 Commerce St., Houston, TX 77002

This place is beautiful from head to toe. Great food,great coffee, and hipster vibes! Small menu but great selections. A go to place at any time of the day or evening! All your favorites can be found here. I enjoy coming here because of the location (Downtown). There is plenty of places to sit and parking is no hassle (can we say #winning). Wifi-YES! Avocado Lover? Must try the Avocado toast!

2. Bosta-Wine and Coffee
1801 Binz St. Houston, Tx, 77004

Great atmosphere with probably the best Chai Tea Latte like...EVER! You can have private seating or bar seating. Like my sister would say, this place it #LIT and open late!  In the Museum District; a lot of art to be seen!

Best Part- Dogs are allowed!

(green tea)

3. Catalina
2201 Washington Ave, Houston, TX, 77007

One thing I enjoy more than coffee, is outdoor seating while enjoying coffee. I totally feel like im California Dreaming when here! The greenery is amazing. A place to go for early coffee after a run!
People are great and so friendly. If sitting outside, its a great place to bring your dog. They can meet new paw friends! My go to place after a run at bayou park!

4. Sycamore Grounds Coffee House
2502 Pansy St. Pasadena, Tx, 77503

Coffee and Cozy! Yes! This little coffee house is the cutest. The outdoor seating is perfect on a pretty day out with friends or family. When in college, I enjoyed my time here. 

(Caramel Latte)

And More.....

Coffee makes it all better, it got me through college, and it gets me through those days when all you want to do is stay in bed. Whatever it is that keeps you motivated, do it! 

May your week be productive but most of all, may it be as wonderful as you! #empower

X O X O,

Alessandra Laura

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