Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Top 10 Reads for Aspiring Women

"All knowledge is found in a book somewhere."

In desperate need of a good book to read. I have your back. From there personal stories, to now successful women in the world today, these books will inspire, motivate, and teach you what it takes to succeed in life, work, business, family and finically.

I hope to inspire someone to pick up a book and read. Therefore I am doing a giveaway on my instagram ( @alessandralaura) , one of my favorite books #GIRLBOSS can be yours! Simply
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This is probably my favorite book. It might be because her determination is amazing, or maybe her cute style, either way, I have this book to blame for the motivation to go after my dreams.  Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal ( her story will remove all excuses you have every made for why you cannot accomplish something. What are you waiting for? Be a #GIRLBOSS

2. Big Magic

Need some inspiration or help tackling fear? This is a must read for you! Elizabeth Gilbert shares her personal stories as well as those of people who have inspired her throughout her life. Wether you are afraid to start, or afraid of failing, this book will speak to you.

3. Slight Edge

This book was first introduced to me by wonderful mentors in business and changed my way of thinking completely. This book shows you how to create success by simply doing the things that you are already doing, but consistently. There is a reason why people succeed and the answer is not luck. 


4. Battlefield of the Mind

We are all fighting our own battles. Sometimes those battles are within ourselves. Joyce Meyer shares her stories and how she overcame those negative thoughts that sometimes don't let us move forward. I once learned that both negative and positive thoughts cannot occupy the mind at the same time.That it is your responsibility to make sure that the positive emotions dominate the negative. Great read!

5. Leave your Mark

The title says it all. I enjoyed every minute of this book. Learn from those that have what you want. Her determination and drive to pursue what she most loved will inspire you. Aliza Litch was the PR for DKNY and currently living in NYC. She was on her 3rd year of Pre-Med when she soon realized that it was not for her. She started over and pursued her passion, fashion! Great content that will help you "kill it in your career".

Great tips on her website: ( )

6. I Shouldn't be Telling You This 

I shouldn't be telling you this but, all of her secrets to success are found in this book! As the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, she shares her tips and tactics to get ahead. 

7. The Glitter Plan

The inside story of Juicy Couture. Inside you will find a business manual that you too can follow.

8. I am that Girl

We sometimes think that we are missing a certain something that is not letting us be who we want to be. The truth is, that you have everything it takes to #bethatgirl. She started a movement that you can be a part of because you can #bethatgirl. 

9. The Sweet Life
Dulce Candy she shares her story as she emigrated from Mexico to The United States as just a little girl. She overcame a lot of hardship and sense of not belonging before becoming one if YouTube's top beauty vloggers with over 2 million subscribers. Here is her story.

10.  They Don't Teach Corporate in College

P.S.  The Magic of Thinking Big

I couldn't just choose 10 so here is a plus one. Enjoy!

Let's keep inspiring and empowering one another. #youarevalid

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