Monday, October 17, 2016

From Weekend to Work Week

Ahhhhh! The weekend has come and gone and I am not sure how the phrase "Easy as Monday morning" came about because that was not the case. I get asked "Do you work?" The answer is yes! I am currently a full-time Recruiter and am loving the challenges (overcoming fear daily) and growth this position bring. Networking is so much fun and has helped me in my full time career as well as in blogging.

I feel like sometimes people have this perception of what "Business attire" has to be (Black or blue Suit). I see it otherwise. Today, I wanted to share how I transition weekend wear to work wear. This has been the most fun for me. Sometimes the outfits I wear to work are put together 10 minutes before I head out of the door (which is really ALL the time).


Outfit: Weekend!

( Dress and Sweater: Zara )

Outfit: Work

Outfit: Weekend

Outfit: Friday Work Day

(Fridays are casual attire at the office) 

(Jeans: Banana Republic)

Outfit: Weekend


Outfit :Work

Outfit: Weekend

Outfit: Work

As always, thank you for stopping by. Comment below as to what else you want to know or see!!! Mil Besos!


Alessandra Laura

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