Sunday, November 27, 2016

Staying Inspired

It's Monday and I'm sure we are all looking for Friday? I am not exactly sure where "easy as Monday morning" came from. Any who, how exactly are we suppose to stay inspired?

Here is how I stay Inspired:

1. Family
Everything you do, you do for someone or something. My family is so important to me and I honestly go through life making sure that I display the morals my mom taught me and work ethic my dad bestowed on my siblings and I. With two younger sisters, I made sure that I painted a path that was easier for them than it was for myself. If I slack, that gives my sisters the excuse to do so as well! If your reading this, I hope I make you proud each and every day! 

2. Reading
"Everything you need to know can be found in a book" 

You are probably thinking....BORING! But, take a chance! I enjoy reading books that motivate me. Books that make me wonder.."Well, what's my excuse? If she can do it, so can I!" If you need recommendations (click here) or please ask!

3. Writing down goals!
There are so many things that I have still to reach and achieve! I get excited just thinking about it because everyday I know I am one step closer. But without goals, how exactly do you know what your working for? You do what you do everyday! But for what? What are you trying to achieve? There are so many places I have yet to travel, things I have yet to do, that alone inspires me!

4. People waiting to see you fail
Unfortunately, that does exist. Associate with people that are pushing you forward and not backwards! But realize that failing is not a bad thing... as long as you get back up. I make sure to associate and take advice from people I want to be like. 
Like really! All the time!

6. Breaking Barriers
As a minority, I feel like odds are already against you! Being the first lady in my entire family to receive my Bachelors, I feel like I have helped pave the way for my cousins and friends following right behind me. Not to brag about it, but to show that maybe someone is counting on you to prove that they too can accomplish it! As a Mexican-American young women, I want to be able to help others who like me, had no idea how to survive college, how to ask for help or who at that! There are still barriers to break! #girlboss You are just as smart, capable, and bright as everyone around you. Believe it!
As others inspire me,  I hope to be able to inspire others!

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You too, inspire me!


Alessandra Laura

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