Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pretty in Tull

Hello Friends! Im back! I am still trying to figure out how to juggle work and blogging. But trust me, I love every moment of both! Sharing my outfits with you makes me so happy and I hope you gain something from this all. I found this top on a rack at the Zara sale for 9.99 ( was I dreaming?). Who has ever loved an item so much and then gone to look at the price and say " well this is not for me"? (lol). I am definitely wearing this top over and over again. Short sleeves screams SUMMER! While I could not find this online anymore. I have gathered some other tull tops from some of my favorite stores. ENJOY! 

P.S. This weekend I encountered a bump on the road and have realized how important it is to surround yourself with those who have the same goals and ambitions as you (as if I did not already know that). Positivity and knowing your self worth is key and if your "friends" don't display that, how can you be okay with surroudnig yourself with that?  Regardless, I will always love you because I know what each of you are worth! XOXO

Mil Besos,

Alessandra Laura

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