Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring with JORD

Hello Friends, 

Telling time in style has just gotten a little easier thanks to JORD. I am excited to be collaborating with JORD on this spring campaign. How awesome is this wooden watch they let me pick out?

I loved this pop of emerald and decided to go with this one. I love watches with a big face and this one seemed perfect. I enjoy wearing my JORD watch to work or over the weekend! It is perfect for any occasion. I guess "fashionably late" is no longer an excuse, ha!

They have so many awesome watches for both men(shop here) and women(shop it here). Let me know which one I should get next!

Also, I have partnered with JORD for a GIVEAWAY contest where one person will receive a $100 gift card and everyone else who enters receives a code worth $25. Click here to enter! Best of luck! 

Take a look at how I styled the "Frankie" (shop it here) watch while out for some coffee with a friend in the city. (Guess what cafe I'm at?) 

How awesome is this packaging? JORD sure knows how to do things first class!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your JORD watch as much as I enjoy mine.


Alessandra Laura

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