Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Talk: My Top Brunch Spots

Happy Tuesday Talk Friends! 

Can you guess my favorite B word? .....BRUNCH! (should you not see my Snaps every Saturday)
I am excited to share my favorite brunch spots in Houston with you! I enjoy menus with great options ( as a pescatarian, options can sometimes be limited). 

State of Grace
I had wanted to try this place for a while. Possibly because of their white interior (guilty) but also because of their awesome food options. When looking at the menu, I was undecided but ended up going with Shrimp and Grits. Regardless, the waiter brought the other plate I was debating on (how cool is that). As for coffee, it disappeared quickly! Cecily ordered a burger (this pretty much describes us). Next time you are on Westhiemer, you must stop! 

The Dunlavy
Located at Buffalo Bayou Park, this Brunch spot is perfect after a run or a day out with some friends. Its beautiful inside and out ( All my blogger babes, this is definitely instagram worthy). 

The Honeymoon Cafe
This is my go to brunch spot, located in Downtown Houston. They have some of the best coffee in town in my opinion! (and I've tried many) and their food is delicious! I love the vibes! You can find me here more than I should! Ha

Backstreet Cafe
Where you can find the Nutella Iced Coffee (Yes, you read that right! It is amazing) Even though Houston weather can get hot, I love outdoor seating and the setup here is so cozy and cute! Plus, their Crawfish Cakes are Bomb! This casual dining is located in River Oaks and worth a try!

La Table
Instagram lead me straight to you and you did not disappoint. I mean, the lipstick stain says it all! Fresh fruit and Yogurt and some French Toast made our Saturday brunch so much sweeter! We went after a photoshoot (around 10:00 AM) and the restaurant was nice and calm. 

I love all of these places and are not in any order! They are all great and ones that I go to often! 

      The Dunlavy View

Thank you for stopping by, may your brunch be as sweet as you!


Alessandra Laura

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