Saturday, November 16, 2019

I Left Meat Almost 4 Years Ago

Hello Friends,

It’s been way too long since you last heard from me, and I could come up with a million excuses as to why like my dog takes up all of my time, or work is hectic, or galleria traffic sucks, but as I sit here at a coffee shop, I’m reminded of why I missed it so much. I truly enjoy sharing a part of me with all of you all while sipping on my favorite thing, COFFEE.  If you are new to Alessandra Laura then you might not know yet, but I am obsessed with coffee ever since my freshman year of college at Texas A&M. 

I’ve been wanting to share my lifestyle change with you all for so long and I am so  happy to finally have the opportunity to sit down and do that. A little bit of my background, I grew up in a Mexican household where meat consumption was a HUGE part of our diet; like meat on our plate for every single one of our meals. It is and was just part of our culture. I can’t blame anyone or anything.

I vividly remember one summer day while on vacation in Mexico with family as a little girl,