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I Left Meat Almost 4 Years Ago

Hello Friends,

It’s been way too long since you last heard from me, and I could come up with a million excuses as to why like my dog takes up all of my time, or work is hectic, or galleria traffic sucks, but as I sit here at a coffee shop, I’m reminded of why I missed it so much. I truly enjoy sharing a part of me with all of you all while sipping on my favorite thing, COFFEE.  If you are new to Alessandra Laura then you might not know yet, but I am obsessed with coffee ever since my freshman year of college at Texas A&M. 

I’ve been wanting to share my lifestyle change with you all for so long and I am so  happy to finally have the opportunity to sit down and do that. A little bit of my background, I grew up in a Mexican household where meat consumption was a HUGE part of our diet; like meat on our plate for every single one of our meals. It is and was just part of our culture. I can’t blame anyone or anything.

I vividly remember one summer day while on vacation in Mexico with family as a little girl,
I cheerfully watched as my family shot, killed, and gutted out the insides of a pig only to cook it hours later. It didn’t bother me, because I deemed it normal.  

Fast forward to years later, and here I am today going on 4 years of not eating meat. It all started with the fact that I have a HUGE love for animals; my family and friends joke that I like animals more than I do humans (and that might be slightly accurate). I sometimes feel like a “chosen one” because I could not really tell you what caused me to question my eating habits as I am the only person in my family who doesn't eat it. Even though I am one to questions many things and don’t just go with the flow,.  I was recommended a documentary on Netflix called “Cowspiracy”. Actually, I think I saw it on someone’s instagram page and was intrigued: @karlacostaa_ she’s a vibe and VEGAN-go follow!

After watching the documentary, I went to work the next day and could not stop talking about it! In that moment, my co-worker challenged me to go meatless and since I’m very competitive and knew it was something I eventually wanted to do for my health, the environment, and my love for animals, I didn’t look back. So in the span of a few hours I had decided to cut out meat from my diet and became vegetarian- Cold Turkey like they say!

This is the point where everything really started for me, and this lifestyle change has made all the difference for me. I knew that this was a journey and path I wanted to dive into and am constantly learning more about it; from reading articles to watching documentaries like: The Game Changers, Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, Blackfish (all on Netflix and EYE OPENERS!)

Now, like I mentioned a few paragraphs back, I grew up in a Mexican household, so my mom and all of my family almost flipped at the fact that I would no longer be consuming meat. As if, it was a necessity to survive. But little did they know. (Fun Fact: protein that is found in meat comes from the plants they once consumed when alive. So I go straight to the source, GREENS). I did promise my mom that if at any point in this journey I became sick (because she thought I needed meat in my diet to be healthy) or the doctor instructed me to eat meat again, then I would. But the doctors actually applauded me! It has not been an easy process as there was a lot of trial and error with what I was eating; I even initially gained weight because I was substituting other carbs for meat. It was even hard for me and my family to adjust to my new diet. But here we are years later making it work! At the time, I was living at home with my parents as well so food was always easily accessible and trust me I was still eating real good! Now, that I live on my own, I am more conscious about the food that I buy and want to eat (with little snacks here and there).  When we have family gatherings I either bring my own food, or my family makes a vegetarian option for me; they haven't disowned me yet, HA! In the span of about 4 years, I had been vegetarian for about a year and a half. Then introduced seafood back in my diet for another year half (because again, it was not easy and I was still trying to figure out vegetarian plates that I could eat) and currently back on the vegetarian diet with little to no dairy intake. But, we will leave my dairy free story for another time.

Overall, Since this lifestyle change happened, I have lost a total of 20 pounds, have felt my best, looked my best, and don’t remember the last time I felt sick. In my teens, bloodwork would always come back as border line Cholesterol and Anemic, which has since then disappeared. 

      December 2017

Disclaimer: I am by no means a doctor or nutritionist nor am I trying to be. This is just my story. On top of leaving meat, I have learned the importance of making wiser decisions with my food, clean eating during the week, LOVE and do partake in cardio and working out at the gym a few days a week. Everyones version of "healthy" is different and I am not saying you need to look a certain way. But these changes I have seen in my body and on my face make me so happy; and that's important. There are so many benefits to cutting out animal products and hope to continue to share my journey with you as this is just the beginning. 

No one can want change or better more for you than you! But having support from family and friends does make all the difference!

Coming Soon: What I eat each week, what’s on my grocery list, going dairy-free and my workout routine!

As always, thank you for stopping by! I missed ya'll♡


Alessandra Laura

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  1. I loved learning this about you! You look amazing and most importantly happy! Love you mija! 👏👏I’m have so much trouble making the changes I need for my own health. Although I haven’t watched the documentaries you mentioned I no that we don’t need to eat meat. I need to change my eating habits for my own good! Thanks for sharing 😊🙏